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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 16, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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where everybody calls him charlie. now they call him guilty >> i'm going to the democrats. >> reporter: convicted of 11 ethics violations. charlie rangel's just been re-elected after 40 years in congress. buthe 80-year-old legendary new york democrat took a bod blow today. >> the committee found conviction by clear and convcing evidence. >> reporter: the bipartisan ethics panel found rangel guilty of failure to pay his own taxes on rental income from a caribbean villa. and improperly raising funds from a college center in his name. rangel could be expelled but that would tak a floor vote. more likely censure, reprimand or a fine. both parties chose leaders. >> my team was just re-elected. >> reporter: harry reid stays majority leader for 2011. and his rhetoric stayed the same. >> we reach our hand out to the republicans, we want them to work with us as they didn't do
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the last two years. >> reporter: republin rhetoric, also no change. >> cut the spending. cut the debt. repeal and replace this health care law. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell's republans have grabbed an issue, no more pet projects on the gop side. reid is not on board. even though some senate democrats are arguing, that's the kind of change voters demanded in the midterms. democrats wrestling over the earmark issue is taking attention away from republican division. the old guard versus the tea rty. live from the hill, steve handlesm, news 4, back to you. >> steve, thank you. after three weeks of looking at the evidence and hearing witness testimony, the chandra levy murder case has gone to the jury. they will decide the fate of ingmar guandique who's been charged in levy's murder in 2001. jurors heard csing arguments today, deliberations expected to begin tomorrow morning. the suspect is facing two first
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degree murder charges that could mean life in prison. pat collins has more from d.c. superior court. >> reporter: the fate of ingmar guandique now in the hands of the jury. this after some powerful words from lawyers on bothsides of the high profile case. holding a large picture of chandra levy in her hand. prosecutor amanda haynes faced the jury and fighting back tears she said, justice is what needs to happen hee. with justice for this young girl. she's been waiting nine years for justice. but you need to say the words, ingmar guandique is guilty. closing argumen in the ingmar guandique trial today. he's charged in the murder of
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chandra levy. the skeletal remains of the 24-yeaold intern found i rock creek park back in may 2002. she had been missing for about a year pointing to guandique, prosecutor haynes said his face is what chandra levy saw as she was dragged off that trai his face is what she saw as she begged for mercy. she sawis face as she laid there naked and disabled after he left her in that park to die. fiction. that was all fiction. those words from defense attorn atrney. he said the government has no evidence to prove when, where, how or who caused the death of chandra levy. he told the jry abo a number of possibletheorys. she even went on to talk about gary condit, the married
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california congressman romantically linked to chandra when she went missing in may 2001. condit has repeatedly denied having anything to do with chandra's disappearance. but sonnenberg said when condit was under investigation, he got special treatment. he does things like a glty man, she says. he doesn't cooperate. when he's called in front of a grand jury, he gets a lawyer and takes the fifth. but defense attorney sonnenberg says you don't have to think mr. condit's responsible to know that the government has failed to prove mr. guandique's guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. now the jury of record here, nine women, three men, they begin deliberations tomorrow morning. jim, back to you. >> thank you, pat collins. it'seen foggy and rainy off and on all day around here. chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us from the weather center with a look at
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nditions right now. >> the good news, doreen, here we are, we're talking about mid november. we have a rainstorm out there. we're not talking about cold rain, that'she great news. temperature out there right now, 61 degrees. temperatures have been rising over the past couple hours, as our winds are beginning to shift more out of the south. they may rise a little more in some areas before they start to fall later this evening. the southeast wind at 10 miles an hour. those winds will only increase. 58 in sterling, 56 in hagerstown. 55 in baltimore and frederick. live digital doppler radar showing where the rain is, around the beltway and down toward charles county and southern anne arundel county. the rain will continue to make its way up to the north and east. still some shower activity in behind that tonight. the big area of low pressure into portions of the ohio river valley. will sweep to the north and in behind it, we're going to s
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big changes in the next 24 hours, it's going to come i the form of wind. expect showers tonight with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. by tomorrow morning, expect things to ear out. the wind could be gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour, and then find out what's next in my full forecast a little later. >> thanks, doug. > we're learning new details tonight about the fedel raise in prince georges county. raised that led to the arrests of several police oicers. a judge ordered two of the suspecnotice scandal held without bond. darcy spencer is in greenbelt now at the courthouse with more. darsy? >> bombshell allegations made in open court today. the defendants in this case was heard on a wiretap talking about bribing county officials for official acts that would benefit the business. no specifics were provided this is a part of that federal probe here in the county. >> the owners of several more liquor stores in maryland ordered held without bond.
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indicted on charges that they engaged in sales of alcohol and cigarettes and paid officers to protect their illegal operation. >> if the media gets any view that does not square with the facts -- >> in court, a federal prosecutor said there were numerous wiretaps involving the melhi's, no details were provided. authorities say they found $400,000 in cash in a closet in the couple's clarksville home, and the couple has engaged in money laundering. allegations made by the prosecutor include moving millions in dollars in cash some it in and out of the united states and independent ya. he's also been involved in smuggling people into the company throh mexico using fraudulent documents. >> the government's position was, there were wiretaps that involved bribing public officials and money launderg,
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and, of course, you know, that is something the government plays toull effect. >> reporter: the investigation led to the arrest of jack johnson friday on evidence tamperg charges. no specic link iseing provided. the couple were also secretly reported when they talked to a couple about creating fake debt so they coulddeclare bankruptcy to avoid a civil lawst. >> i'm here to support them in anyway they may need my support. >> reporter: additional suspects in this investigation are expected to appear in court here in grebelt late they are week. reporting live from greenbelt, darcy spencer, news 4. jim, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. a bomb threat at ohio state university was sent here to the d.c. fbi headquarters.
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it ford the evacuation of several buildings. the fbi says the threat was sent to their washington head quarters via e-mail around 8:00 a.m. this morning. no bombs were found in the lab buildings, and they have since been reoped. victor bout is on hisay to the u.s. to face criminal charges. he's a russian arms dealer, arrested two years ago in thailand. arrested by undercover u.s. agents. he allegedly offered to sell them surface to ermis ils. he's suspected ofelli ining weapons to the taliban. wednesday his wife arrived to see him, but he had already been moved. washington archbishop donald worrell is on his way to rome tonight. he arrived at dulles international airpt this afternoon. saturday the archbishop will attend the ceremony at the vatican that will elevate him to
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cardinal, the highest tight knelt catholic church after pope. i spoke with the archbishop a few days ago. >> you have to remind yourself, this has very little to do with you personally, it has everything to do with washington. it's the archdiocese of washington that's being honored by the pope. >> archbishop worrell is one of 24 new cardinals chosen by pope benedict xvi. umors of a royal wedding have become prevalent lately that british gaminggencies stopped taking bets on whether prince william would marry his long-time girl friend kate middleton. e couple is engaged. the long awaited wedding is expected next spring or summer. jenny whipple reports fm london. >> reporter: after more than 8 years of waiting in the wings, the woman who stole the hearts of theutureking of england is
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finally getting to take center stage. today prince william and miss katherine middleton or kate as we know her, posed for their first official photograph since announcing their engagement. it was the first time we've seen kate with her engagement ring. it's not the first time we've seen the rin itself. it used to belong to prince williams mother, diana princess of wales. >> it's my mother' engagement ring. i thought it was quite nice. she's not going to be around to share in the fun and excitement of all this. it's my way of keeping her sort of close to it all. >> we also learned today that they have not st become engaged. prince william proposed to kate while they were on holiday in kenya last month. th managed to keep it quiet until now. the whole of the royal family and kate's family as well are very happy for them. >> we're absolutel delighted by today's announcement. and thrilled at the prospect of a wedding sometime next year. >> reporter: it's been a fairy
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tale romance from the beginning, when ke first met william more than eight years ago at andrews university in scotland. now th're finally getting a chance to enjoy their fairy tale wedding here in london next year, which will no doubt be watched by hundreds of millions of people all around the world. jenny whipple, nbc news at buckingham palace in london. coming up tonht, feds considering a ban on an alcoholic energy drink after a marylandteenager was killed in a violent crash. the real stories and faces behind t tragedies of distracted driving. beatles singles and albums will be made available on itunes. lindsay, what's ahead in sports? >> coming up in sports. the wizards get ready to take on the raptors, without john wall. also, we'll take aloser look at donovan mcnabb's new contract and what it really means for the redskins. the rdskins are still reeling,
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that 59-point loss, man, m
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the department of transportation has a new video campaign to help put a face on the tragedy of distracted driving. their website has several videos from victim's families including the mother of 13-year-old margae
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she'd of florida. a distracted semidriver rear ended the bus margae was riding. >> she was thrown under the feet of the school bus and s not able to get out. and the bus and the truck caught on fire. i feel that a big part of me died with margae. >> the truck driver was on his cell phone at the time. he told police he didn't see the bus. he's been sentenced to three years in jail. trsportation secretary ray lahood has also made the videos available on the youtube website. bank of america says it's changing its foreclosure process. this comes in the wake of an investigation that revealed how large lenders had mishandled mortgage documents. these mistakes cod further upset the already fragile economy. michelle franzen has our report.
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>> allegations of foreclosure practices and bungled mortgage contracts have the potential to undermine the nation's frale economy. that is the worst case scenario laid out in a recent report created to monitor the bailout on wall street. testimy of widespread problems including lenders, rushing mortgage contracts without verifying proper documtation, and processors rubber stamping foreclosure papers without reviewing files. mistakes that may have cost some mirnls their homes. >> i believe that those who face foreclosure should at the very least know that the process is being handled fairly and legally according to the law. recely bank of america and jpmorgan called for moratoriums on foreclosures. the problems are mostly due to technical errors and vowed to improve the process. >> we did not find a perfect
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ocess, and we're already moving forward with the needed improvements. >> foreclosures cause significant hardship. >>hat's a lie. it's the homeowner's -- >> some didn't buy the explanation from lenders, and emotions ran high at one point during the hearing. lawmakers say any problems along with confidence in the system needs to be restored. >> there may be a small probability, but if in fact they're really as bad as some ople could forecast, it's going to be very, very serious, especially the way the economy is right now. >> the challenge, fixing what is broken without breaking the bank. michelle franzen, nc news, new york. another down day on wall reet. at times today it was below 11,000. the dow industrials fell 178 points to close at 11,023. the biggest percentage drop in three months. the nasdaq could drop as well. 23 points to close at 24.69.
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coming up tonight, drivers in the district soon might be able to plug into a curbside charging station for ectric cars. >> the medal of honor is awarded to a living veteran of the afghan war. >> and doug has our fo [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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up to 50 vehicles were involved in a series of crashes in virginia that took two lies.
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virginia state police say visibility was reduced to zero. there were three multivehicle crashes on i-77 today. those accidents all happened ne the north carolina border in carroll county. 20 people were injured, four are in critical condition. the soutound lanes from whitesville to the north carolina border are shut down. traffic is being detoured around the area. senior leaders at nasa will meet later this month to determine when the space shuttle "discovery" will go into flight. they found a fourth crack in the shuttle. earlier this month, "discovery's" countdown was delayed when theirst crack was discovered. then two more popped up. nasa says they still hope to launch the shuttle on november 30th. >> it's not looking too good at this point, though. >> no. not looking too good, our weather around here tod. miserable. >> a little rainy, and tomorrow i have a bad forecast for you,
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doreen. jim, i think you're going to be okay with this. bad hair day. >> oh, no, not again. >> i think you're going to be all right, jim. doreen, it's going to be bad out ere. tomorrow it will be the wind. soxtra hairspray. >> something. a little extra hold during the day tomorrow. outside right now, plenty of clouds. we have fog and shower activity outside as well. most of the heavy rain is gone right now. most of what we're going to see is shower activity for the most part. 61 degrees, that was the high temperature so far today. that is the actual temperature right now. low this morning 50 degrees today, will be another day above normal. temperatures are continuing to go up, and so far we've seen about a half inch of rain over the last 24 hours or so. temperature right now as i mentioned, dewpoint of 55, humidity of 85%. we could see more fog. winds out of the southeast at 10 miles an hour, the winds are
6:24 pm
continuing to shift out of the south and bringing us warmer air out of the south as well 58 in quantico, 58 in sterling. 55 degrees right now in frederick. 56 up toward hagerstown. one bolt of rain back pa long 81. some moderate showers toward hagerstown, maybe around the damascus area. down to the south and east, we're loking at more rain, down around southern anne arundel county. some of the heaviest rain is around waldorf right now. it's going to be out of here by tomorrow morning. rain is not going to be the issue tomorrow, it's going to be the wind. almost an inch and a third in sterling. culpepper about an inch and a half of rain. the d.c. area, just under a half inch. laplata, aund .45 inches there. i mentionedhe wind.
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not going to be advisory criteria here, which means less than 40 to 45 mile an hour winds in the d.c. area, back toward the higher peaks of the blue ridge we could be seeing winds upwards of 50 miles an hour, that's why a wind advisory is in effect for the day tomorrow until 4:00. it's all because a storm system not here, but back to the west. the storm is powerfu notice where it's moving. from southwest northeast. this is not a storm coming from the north into our area. it's not going to have a lot of cold air behind it. what it is going to bring is the wind. but temperatures tomorrow will be a little above average during the day. with highs potentially into the 60s. the rain continuing to move out overnight tonight. here comes the wind in behind that cold front. we'll see temperatures dip down tonight. but by tomorrow, with a west-northwesterlyind we'll be into the 60s for everybody. it's going to be windy, with winds gusting upwards of 30 to 35 miles an houruring the day tomorrow.
6:26 pm
that will make for a bad hair day on your wednesday. it calms down a little bit on thursday and friday. clouds clearing out. becoming windy. the winds could be upwards of 20 to 25. they could be increasing with gusts 30 to 35. we will see sunshine,o not a bad day tomorrow. as we move on through the next couple days. temperatures 57 on thursday, still a littl breezy on thursday. 52 degrees on iday, that will be the cold day, lows around 39 both friday and saturday. friday and satday looking good. i think the weekend is looking like a good weekend as far as it being dry. temperatures at or below average and warming back above average on monday d tuesday of next week. >> maybe that wind will help blow some of those soggy leaves up the road. >> they are soggy. they're slippery too. >> thank you, doug. coming up, a potent energy drink that's been linked to teen death as cross the nation may finally be pulled from store shelves. officials are questioning whether it might be connected to
6:27 pm
a controversial immigration policy. somebody found a body in a box near a maryland highway. >> there are big changes ahead for p
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the jury in the chandra levy murder trial is expected to begin its deliberations tomorrow morning. during closing argumenttoday, prosecutors asked to convict the suspect ingmar guandique. his lawyers argue that there's no evidence proving that he did it. >> a judge ordered two of the suspects in a major corruption scandal to be held without bond. amerik melhi and his wife are accused of bribing police officers to sell untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. prince william and kate milled ton got engaged last month. he gave her the engagement ring worn by his late mother, princess ana. the fda could ban the sale of beverages later this week. four loko has already been banned in a number of states. >> there have been a number of deaths caused by four loko, including one in maryland.
6:31 pm
that family is speaking out. >> reporter: 21-year-old courtny sperry died after hitting this telephone pole in saint-michaels. she drank two cans of the beverage four loko, which is 12% alcohol mixed with caffeine. sometimes it's called black out in a can or liquid cocaine. her friends told her fami she wasn't acting like herself. >> she was mad, angry, and my sister wasn't like that. >> reporter: courtney's keys had been taken away from her at the party, but she found keys to a pickup tru and drove off. her mother got a call from friends at the party and went looking for courtney. >> i did find her. she sped up away from me. i tried to ctch her, and i finally losther, and then i seen the accident and "got out to go to the truck to see if she was okay, but she wasn't in it. it threw her 90 feet in the air. i found her face down on the
6:32 pm
road. >> reporter: courtney's family wants her tragic loss to help prompt a nationwide ban on the controversial drink four loko. >> four loko is what to my daughter's life. i dotant to see another child go through this. >> now friends and even strangers stop by the memorial to leave flowers or pay their respects. visitations and the funeral are being held at saint marks united methodist church. chris gordon, ns 4. >> the fda is expected to make a finding that caffeine is an unsafe food ditive to alcoholic beverages. it would issue letters to manufacturers, that marketing the beverages could be illegal. marijuanpossession charges have been dropped against a prominent washington journalist and his wife, howard aaronsteen and his wife orly katz were
6:33 pm
arrested. a government witness failed to show up for a hearing on the case. the government could still file charges again. a gruesome discovery in frederick county, maryland. highway workers found the body of an adult in a box near braddock mountain. the workers called state police. there was no i.d. with the body. >> homicide investigators right now are looking to any missing person's reports, in any neighboring states as well as asking for public assistance. if anybody saw anything unusual around that mile marker 48 in the last few days, please call the state police at the frederick barracks. >> authorities don't know w long the body has been there along the roway. >> a new report out on prince william counties controversial illegal immigration policy. the report says some crime rates have dropped since the policy went into effect.
6:34 pm
but critics say that it's all come at the cost of a more diverse and welcoming community. jane watrell repts. >> reporter: three years after prince william county passed its controversial policy, the number of illegal immigrants has dropped and so have some types of crime. that's the finding present to supervisors in a three-year study by university of virginia researchers. county chairman cory stewart is thrilled. >> perhaps the greatest effect of the law was the meage it cen is the to illegal immigrants, you're not welcome in our community. and especially if you're going to commit a crime, if you're a law breaker, you better leave, because we're going to identify you and have you deported. >> reporter: the study also found that the crackdown created an ethnic divide in perceptions of the county. one opponent called ithree years of terror. >> prince william county's reputation as a community that is welcoming and inclusive and especially inclusive to diverse
6:35 pm
people has been shattered, has been destroyed. if you look at the report, there's still aig difference between a spanish speaking immigrant and english speaking native born in terms of thr satisfaction with the county. >> at firsthe policy allowed officers who suspected someone may be an illegal immigrant to ask about their immigration status. it was later changed to require checks for anyone arrested. critics of the policy commend the police for reaching out to the hispanic community. and while the reportsays the policy is not affected most types of crime, there was a substantial drop in aggravate add salts. >> a uva hasonclude there'd was a direct connection between e cracking down on illegal immigration and a drop in violent crime in our community. >> the autho of this study even put in a disaimer about the accuracy of its findings. that's because there were a number of factors in play when the legal immigration policy went into effect, including the collapse of the economy, the housing market, and the
6:36 pm
constructi industry. in woodbridge, jane watrell, ne 4. >> stewart plans to lobby for the state of virginia to pass a similar w statewide. opponents are promising t fight that effort. a new program in the district is making easier for drivers who want to use an electric car. hundreds of charging stations will be placed throughout d.c. and suburban areas throughout the next year. the first station was unveiled at 14th a u streets northwest today. the goal of the nationwide program is to reduce greenhouse gases and to create new jobs. coming up, the beatles officially making their way into the world of ipods. somebody stole some exotic
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police in baltimore say they have recovered all the animals stolen from a city nature center during two separate break-ins. somebody broke in over the weekend and then again on monday night or tuesday morning. whoever it was took a dozen exotic animals, including geckos and iguana and a hissing cockroach. they don't say why. investigators are trying to figure out if the suspects had help from somebody who worked at the nature center. starting next year, can you
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no longer use your tax free health flex speing account to buy many over the counter drugs unless a doctor writes you a prescription. the only exception will be for insulin. can you use your flex account to buy contact lens solutions, bandages and blood sugar kits as long as you submit a receipt. doug's here with another check on our weather forecast. you change your mind about this rain? >> no, no. out there in parts of the area, we're going to see more rain tonight. most of it is moving out of here, showers left over. the next round of this storm is going to be the wind we're dealing with tomorrow. out there right now, 61 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 10 miles an hour. they are down ound the -- up around the upper 50s in most locations. here it is over the last couple urs. can you see most of the rain starting to move out. there's a patch back toward 81 that will continue to progress to the north. that's light to moderate shower
6:41 pm
activity, and a little mre down toward the wald or of area. 52 degrees overnight tonight, washington. 49 in frederick. expect showers through about 11:00 or midnight tonight. 60 degrees for a high in frederick. 62 in the washington, d.c., area, down toward fredericksburg as well. under partly to mostly nny skies tomorrow, the big deal is going to be those 30 mile an hour winds. >> thanks, doug. >> did you see "the evt" last night? >> no. >> did you hear this? >> we reporte earlier, brazilian seratist aboard the plane reased a biological agent prompting an emergency landing. 183 passengers were moved to a stateside quarantine facility. >> who that cat 1234. >> that's it? >> that was doreen who made a special appearance on the show last night. there she wa again. did you see her? >> see, he's paying attention.
6:42 pm
he's liking that. he plays a president of the united states. it airs here on monday nights on nbc. you notice they put doreen on on a nit that -- >> against the red skins? >>eah, what's up with that. >> no wonder they didn't tell me that was coming up. >> indeed. lindsay, what's going on out there? >> it's a quiet day out here at redskins park, as can you imagine. the redskins have new details about donovan mcnabb contract. it's not as hefty as you think. the wizards no gilbert arenas for the start tonight against the raptors. i'll explain that. back to the redskins, you can't talk about the game without them talking about getting victimized. we'll explain.
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> you do the best you can. you train, you play hard. every now and again, you just get your buttwhooped. >> yeah. and then every now and then you really get it whooped. >> i mean, really. >> that was bad. >> that was rough. >> reporter: yeah, you know it, every now and thenust like you guys were saying, it's a gut check. when it is, you throw it out, start from sque one. the buzz was about donova signing a new contract extension. i had a chance to talk to his agent at the game last night. he said that bruce allen reached out to him immediately after mcnabb was benched to make sure mcnabb was okay with -- was on
6:46 pm
point with him being the future of this organization. it was surprising to a lot of people, the timing of the extension being announced yesterday. five years up to $78 million with a $40 million guarantee that youept hearing about. today, details of the contract reveal that in essence, the redskins have verbiage in there, they can release mcnabb after this comin season. if they do that, they will only lose $3.5 million. really, this contract is not a casef them overpaying donovan mcnabb yesterday when he showed up to the game, obviously he took the field knowing he did have a certain future with this team. that's a relief. he got a standing ovation from the fans as he came out of the tunnel last night. the good vibes did not last long, mcnabb's 17 of 31 passing for 235 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions is. he says in light of the game, the contract is nothing to celebrate. >> at this point i'm angry. you know, i think everyone in
6:47 pm
the locker room is. i look forward to being here for a couple more years, there's nothing i can do later right now. i can only focus on the present time. and at this time i'm looking forward to watching this film and moving on and getting ready for tennessee. >> you hear donovan saying he wants to be a part of the future of the team. his agent says they've been working on this deal since august. he had hoped to get it done by the bye week, because they had extended time and planned on coming down here sterday. that's when they were able to wrap it up. they have that option to release him after a year, if they do, they only lose $3.75 llion. yesterday's loss was so humiliating to the players in the locker room. deangelo hall was essed in his uniform for about 45 minutes after the game. he was sitting inside of his locker because he was trying to absorb what that loss meant.
6:48 pm
the eagles baited the redskins. they started right before the game, a scuffle that you have to know was pretty calculated on theagles' part. a pre-game scuffle between the two teams raised the intensity. the eagles knew what they were doing. the redskins defense gave up almost 600 yards, including a 60-yard touchdown run by jerome harrison at the end of the first quarter. that score made it 28-0 after one. the eagles set an nfl record. meanwhile, the offense came out flat. down 35-0. mcnabb was able to connect with tight end davis. davis got to the 3 d then was forced out. mcnabb hit darrelle young for the skins first score of the game. it's now 17-31 for almost 300 yards. but also three interceptions, players on both sides of the ball did not have a lot of positive to take from this one.
6:49 pm
>> it was embarrassing. they came out the and hit us right in the mouth. >> you just don't think it's going to continue to happen. i never anticated this happening. >> to put up 60 points. felt like somebody was playing a video game out there itas unbelievable. >> mama said the will be days like this, it just happens to be right now. you can't have it happen at all. but it did. >> mama doesn't want to see many more days like that for all these redskins. i had a chance to talk to doc walker a few moments ago. he was saying when you look at michael vick's performance, he's never seen anything like it. vick was so impressive
6:50 pm
yesterday, so on point scoring touchdowns on each five of the eagles' first possessions. he was named nfc offensive player of the week for the second week in a row. no one done that since randall cunningham in 1998. it was a coming out party for michael vick against the redskins. he was so dominant. the redsks were not able to get him at all. vick had almost 8 seconds to complete the field. he completed 20 of 28 passes for four touchdowns. he's so dangerous with his feet too. he also ran r 80 yards, he moved past steve young and into second place in nfl history for yards rushing by a quarterback. the redskins, all they could do was praise vick after the game. >> credit to michael vick, he made some plays today that i haven't seen a lot of quarterbacks make for a long time. something sn't there in the passing game, he made plays with his legs and real a bigig time
6:51 pm
game. he couldn't make those throws, he couldn't do the thingsn the pocket like he's able to do. you kn, he always could un, but now, i mean, you know, nobody else has a weapon like him in the nfl. >> the other teams need to save their money, try to get a bid for michael vick. the way he looked out there, he looked the way he was when he was with atlanta. have form, can you run and pass and d well. i mean, he keeps playing like that, you'll take that team far. >> yeah, and forget that, he's been better thanhe was when he was at atlaa. he's arguably the best he's ever been. everybody was say stg yesterday. from players toannouncers. that was an historic performance by a quarterback people should stand up and take notice to. moving now to basketball quickly, the wizards take on the
6:52 pm
toronto raptors. they will be without john wall. john wall is dealing with a sprained foot. he was seen on crutches yestday at verizon center. that means gilbert arenas will have an opportunity to stand up and take his place. deion will alsoe out with a hyperextended knee he suffered. wall also wa hurt when he landed awkwardly while defending a derek rose jumper. the wizards top scorer averaging 19 points a game. flip saunds says the other guys are just going to have to step up. >>. >> you sll have ten players, opportunities for those guys to develop, coming off of pretty good games. we'll starts him, he's rdy to go. it will be a good challenge for us. they've been playing well right now. they went down there, beat
6:53 pm
miami. >> it will also be a good challenge for gilbert arenas, don'tforget he had 30 points the othenight. he felt like he was on in a zone. i think every opportunity gilbert gets to get out there and start to get his legs back, to get that confidence up, really is a od thing for this team. a good thing for this team. the redskins have a day off. forget about that atrocious loss and figu out what you're going to do against the tits, right? >> sounds like a plan. >> thank you. a humble hero is honoredt the white house. ♪
6:54 pm
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today the president gave a soldier the military's top award. the medal of honor, the selflessness the recipient displayed on the battlield in afghanistan was also on display at the white house today. kristen dahlgren has our report. >> reporter: even with the medal of honor around his neck, army staff sergeant junta is humbled. insists he wears the award, but did t win it alone. >> i'm just one of many. i'm mediocre at best. >> reporter: on tt day in afghanistan in 2007, there was nothing mediocre about his bravery. as the group of paratroopers came under intensifier. >> it w an ambusho close that the cracks of the guns and
6:57 pm
the bullets were simultaneous. >> reporter: junta ran on instinct and right toward taliban fighters who were dragging a staff sergeant away. >> sal never broke strength, he leapt forward, took aim, killed one of the insurgents and wounded the other who ran off. >> reporter: junta rescued brennan who later died as did specialist mendoza. >> both of them gave everything for their country that night. >> reporter: but without junta more may have perished, in a ceremony at the white house. >> i'm going to go offscript for a moment a just say, i really like this guy. >> reporter: the young sergeant became the first living medal of honor recipien since the vietnam war. an honor bestowed on few. >> i would give thi back in a second to have myriends with me right now. >> reporter: those with him that
6:58 pm
night, never far from his heart. right where the medal of honor rests. kristen dahlgren, news 4. >> and you can see more of brian williams interview with staff sergeant junta coming up after this broadcast on nbc nightly news. coming up o our broadcast at 11:00 tonight, we'll have more on the terrible pileup on an interstate in virginia today. also a new study i out, it says heavier people can smell food better than people of average weight. after an embrassing defeat on monday night. some skins players have reason to stand proud tonight. they help wounded wrriors with their rehab. >> wll look forward to that. what can we look forward in weather? >> you can look forward to saturday and sunday. >> it's only tuesday. >> i know. tomorrow's going to be a little on the windy side after a rainy tuesday. we will see a windy wednesday. thursday not a bad day, friday i think okay, but a lttle on the cool side, and saturday and
6:59 pm
sunday look great. why not look forward to the weekend right now. outside right now, current temperatures sitting at 60 deees. the rain continues to fall, in some areas. it continues to move out. winds out of the sth-southeast at 12 miles an hour. can you see the rain for the most part moving off to the east. don't put thatmbrella away just yet. 62 tomorrow, 67 on your thursday and friday. saturday and sunday looking great. it's been a long and winding road. but finally the beatles are going digital. >> ladies and gentlemen, the beatles. >> their songs and some videos are now available for download from itunes. the beatles were among the most prominent of all the holdouts from online music services, the company at manages the band's affairs, it has resisted until now.


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